Sunday, July 19, 2009

I think I'm a Dyeing Addict

So, was thinking today... as I was dyeing my fibers for my PhatFiber samples for next month... I think I might just be a Dyeing Addict.

I don't do so well in the heat and humidity. I normally suffer through July and typically it dries out in August around here. We happen to be having quite a cool July so I just keep on dyeing. I figure sooner rather than later it will get too hot and muggy for me and I'll just be vegging in front of a fan so might as well get some work done while it is on the cool side.

However, it has been great for way longer than I ever expected. I'm now sitting on about 20 pounds of dyed fiber, all of which expects to be batts at some point. I have about 3 pounds of dyed/painted combed top that isn't yet listed in the shop and somewhere around 2 pounds of different types of locks, for me to use in batts or to core spin etc....

I added this up and realized that I have somewhere around 25 pounds (not counting the 2 pounds for Phat samples) of dyed fibers from just the last month, not counting what is up in the shop... so, what else can I possibly be... but an ADDICT! Mind you, this is not counting washed fleeces or combed top that I have that have not yet met the dye pots.

So, what's a girl to do? I love dyeing fiber! I must have every color in my head available to me should I want it... so I just keep dyeing and dyeing... hopefully, I'm not the only one and someone else happens to "get" this!

Anyway, here's the new pile of locks that went up that match what I did in the July PhatFiber boxes. Most of them are sold already so I guess I'll spend some time tomorrow picking more mohair locks so that I can do another batch... of dyeing... heehee

They sure are prettiful though!


  1. Diane,
    Don't feel alone! I too am a fiber dyeing addict. It is so frickin addicting my husband just rolls his eyes. I don't have quite as much dyed and on hand as you do, but my stash is growing. Now if I just had a drum carder....there truly is not enough time in the day to dye, is there! I love ya!

  2. I can't say I've tried them but I do love admiring all the beautiful colors. Beautiful stuff Diana! :~)