Monday, July 6, 2009

Carder is Coming!

Just thought I'd post a quick note. I've been very busy with the holiday and family parties and such... also been awaiting all sorts of fibers and fleeces AND... my new carder will be here within a couple of days!!!

I've been preparing fibers for awhile in the hopes of ordering a carder. Now that one is coming, I couldn't help but buy all sorts of fleeces and other fun add-ins. I will soon be offering batts and I plan on making a big "to do" about it when I have a hefty little update ready!

Anyway, keep the eyes peeled on all my normal update spots as I plan to have some fun with my new toy and everyone gets to have some fun with me!

In the mean time... check out this toad that was in my zucchini patch... he's hiding, you gotta look close... heehee

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