Thursday, June 11, 2009

Featuring: The Critter Ranch

So, I decided to start showing off some fiber friends and fellow artists. The first one had to be the Woman who started it all... for me that is.
My sister-in-law and one of my best friends, Sue at The Critter Ranch. I started by helping her with some little projects, painting mostly and it kind of ballooned from there. There is no stopping it now and she is right there with me... couldn't give up fiber if we wanted to.
She currently has.... uhmm... A LOT of Llamas, somewhere around 20 and a couple/few alpacas too. See, keeping count is tough as she boards animals as well as having her own. She even owns a National Grand Champion Heavy Wool Male, he's a nice looking guy! Which brings to to a fun fact... in the last 3 days there have been 2 of his babies born... aren't they cute???
She also has an Etsy Shop... where she specializes in locally grown fiber. Of course she uses her own animal's fiber, most of which is incredibly soft and silky, and she also obtains other wool, alpaca and llama fleeces from other local farms. Oh, did I mention that she also runs a shearing service?
Anyway, she has gorgeous fibers, batts and handspun yarns so make sure to check out her shop! Oh, and she also just started a blog that has some more fabulous baby (cria) photos so go peek...
Next time... maybe I'll show more of her fibers and not the babies.... yeah right!

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